CS2 update improves all competitive maps

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 25/10/2023


– Various bug fixes and tweaks.


– Improved bomb visibility when planted in fountain on bombsite B.
– Improved grenade bounce behavior on roof and stone models to make it more predictable.
– Removed part of railing on balcony.
– Adjusted garage door on bombsite A to improve player readability and clipping.
– Fixed lighting bug on Inferno workshop map.
– Fixed various micro-gaps.
– Overall clipping / movement polish.


– Removed or tweaked models and textures to improve player readability.
– Adjusted lighting in certain areas to improve player readability.
– Adjusted grenade clipping in various areas.


– Fixed clipping on ramp room doorway tread plates to prevent erroneous grenade bounces.
– Fixed collision on doorways from ramp to bombsite B to be more accurate.
– Improved player readability against container on bombsite B.
– Fixed some cases where players clipped through garage door at lobby.
– Removed dynamic light at squeaky to prevent shadows giving away player position through doorway.
– Fixed various holes in world.
– Overall clipping / movement polish.


– Fixed micro-cracks in crate models.


– Adjusted grenade clipping in and around bombsite B to prevent grenades getting stuck in tight spots.
– Fixed multiple cases where dropped weapons clipped through world geometry.
– Fixed multiple holes and cracks in world.
– Fixed missing collision on geometry where c4 could be thrown out of the map.
– Clipped multiple areas where players could stack, providing an unfair vantage point.
– Fixed lightmap issues around CT spawn water.
– Improved player readability in mid.
– Improved CT team intro position.
– Overall clipping / movement polish.


– Improved player readability at CT spawn around swat van.
– Fixed gaps in some cubemaps which were causing lighting issues.
– Fixed some lighting artifacts on crates at low settings.
– Disabled motion on vending machine.
– Overall clipping / movement polish.


– Fixed ladder collision blocking bullets and grenades.
– Fixed steel beams having incorrect surface property.
– Overall clipping / movement polish.


– Fixed various bullet penetration issues.
– Overall clipping / movement polish.


– Made fog adjustments to improve player readability.
– Fixed micro-cracks in crate models.
– Fixed multiple holes and cracks in the world.
– Made visibility adjustments to donut area.
– Fixed bullet penetration issues through wood panels near bombsite B.
– Fixed material properties on some tarp models.
– Overall clipping / movement polish.


– Fixed some cases where weapons could fall out of the world.
– Fixed a bug where Molotov self damage could be incorrectly penalized as team damage.
– Improved performance for muzzle flashes and HE grenade effects.
– Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers.
– Added code to correct packets that arrive out of order in quick succession. These packets were showing up as loss in the net graph.
– Fixed a bug where SDR routing could sometimes choose the second-best route when immediately connecting, and then stick to that route for too long.

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