Valve release Counter-Strike 2

Valve have officially released Counter-Strike 2 to the public. After a period of the Limited Test, which has lasted since March of this year, the game is now available to everyone.

CS2 is the fifth game in the history of the Counter-Strike franchise. It is presented as a free update to CS:GO, which has been released in 2012.

Since the game's announcement, Valve have introduced multiple innovations, including updated graphics, a subtick system and reworked smoke grenade mechanics. All these innovations were available to participants of the Limited Test.

Since March 2023, the developers have upgraded the visuals of all competitive maps, added a modified Premier mode and a leaderboard. Valve have also introduced the MR12 system, where one half is played up to 12 rounds, and to win the match, you need to win 13 rounds.

At the moment, it is unknown when and how the professional scene will transition to CS2. Tournament organizers are expected to announce their plans soon.