GamerLegion part ways with KittyTM amidst racism scandal

European club GamerLegion announced via its social media accounts parting ways with Chloe "KittyTM" Geaney, who competed for GL Prism. This decision was made just couple of days after the women's roster had been announced.

It was reported that Irish player KittyTM was involved into a scandal after making racist comments via her Twitter account. As a result, GamerLegion decided to terminate the contract with Jeanie. In its statement, the club claimed that it does not support discriminatory comments or any similar behavior in general.

It is unknown who will become GL Prism's fifth player. The team's next match at ESL Impact League Season 4 Europe will play out tomorrow, September 27. The roster will face NAVI Javelins.

 GL Prism's current lineup is:

 Héjja "kezziwow" Kászandrá
 Yoana "Joanana" Vlaykova
 Luna "ManeschijnX⁠" Akkermans
 Melissa "meli" Aylin

 Jetmir "⁠mdm⁠" Bediu (coach)