Victory Zigzag to compete at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2023 Europe with a stand in

Tournament operator BLAST has officially confirmed that Joel "joel" Holmlund will not help Victory Zigzag at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2023 Europe due to a temporary suspension. As a result, the team will have to compete at the tournament with coach Ivan "Hardwell" Alekseev replacing him.

BLAST announced that the duration of Holmlund's suspension will depend on the final verdict from ESIC. The final decision will be made on October 6.

Yesterday, September 20, ESIC temporarily suspended joel from all tournaments organized by ESIC partners. The preliminary decision was made due to the discovery of betting rules violation by the player, including against his own team.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2023 Europe will take place online from October 4 to 8. The winner of the tournament will receive a ticket to the BLAST season final. Besides Victory Zigzag, BIG, OG, G2, ENCE, Cloud9, Movistar Riders and 9INE will participate in the event.