IEM Cologne 2023 final peaks at 727.4K viewers

The final between G2 and ENCE expectedly became the most viewed match of IEM Cologne 2023, which ended yesterday, August 6. According to the analytical service Esports Charts, the decisive match of the prestigious tournament peaked at 727.4K viewers.

IEM Cologne 2023 broadcasts averaged at 291.8K viewers, excluding Chinese streaming platforms. The total broadcast's duration was 101.1 hours.

The 5 most viewed IEM Cologne 2023 matches are:

1.  G2 –  ENCE, Final (727,415)
2.  Cloud9 –  Vitality, Quaterfinal (576,366)
3.  G2 –  Astralis, Semifinal (521,470)
4.  Astralis –  NAVI, Group В (520,286)
5.  ENCE –  Vitality, Semifinal (489,781)

IEM Cologne 2023 took place from July 26 to August 6 and ended with G2's victory. The Samurai secured $400,000 from the event's total prize pool of $1 million.