First four pairs of IEM Cologne 2023 group stage set

IEM Cologne 2023 organizers have announced the seeding of the first four finalists of the Play-In stage. Monte and fnatic were placed in Group A, while MOUZ and Astralis will compete in Group B.

In the Group A openers, Monte and fnatic will compete against GamerLegion and Cloud9, respectively. In turn, MOUZ and Astralis will kick off their performance in Group B with matches against NAVI and G2, respectively.

Heroic, ENCE, Vitality and FaZe are still waiting for their opponents in the group stage. Competing against them will be the winners of the Play-In stage final matches: FURIA – TheMongolz, Apeks – OG, 9INE – Liquid and NIP – Imperial.

IEM Cologne 2023 takes place from July 26 to August 6 in Cologne, Germany. 24 participants compete for a prize pool of $1 million.