ESL approve number of new rules for teams and players

Tournament operator ESL made changes to their main rulebook. In particular, the organizers have added a number of restrictions for teams and players, which will take effect from the upcoming IEM Cologne 2023.

First of all, ESL clarified a number of terms, and also added clarifications on controversial issues. Secondly, the tournament operator made it mandatory for all players to wear the same uniform, banning hats, shorts and flip-flops. For violation of this rule, ersports athletes will be fined $250.

Thirdly, from now on, a team that loses the core of its lineup (three or more players) risks losing its license to participate in the new season. The organizers also banned teams from qualifying for the tournaments with the help of academy rosters. Thus, the participants will be assigned to the lineup that was directly selected for the event.

Fourth, players can no longer refuse interviews before and after a match. This point will be included in the contracts of esports athletes.

The next tournament from ESL will be IEM Cologne 2023, which will take place from July 26 to August 6 with a prize pool of $1 million.