Hussar Cup 2023 organizers intend to postpone tournament

Tournament operator Innovation Esport Group may reschedule Hussar Cup 2023 to a later date, as the organizers shared via their official Twitter account.

The invitees are reportedly pressuring the organizers to reschedule the $1 million LAN tournament due to concerns about financial losses connected to scheduling conflicts with other events.

Hussar Cup 2023 was originally scheduled to take place from August 30 to September 3. However, now the organizers may change the dates for the tournament, which kicks off simultaneously with ESL Pro League Season 18.

Innovation Esport Group have canceled the open qualifiers that were supposed to start today, July 20. Ticket sales have also been temporarily suspended, while the organizers have refunded money for previously purchased tickets.

So far, Innovation Esport Group have revealed the names of two invitees of the tournament – ENCE and 9INE.