fer: "I wanted to return to the pro scene with FalleN, but he refused"

Brazilian esports athlete Fernando "fer" Alvarenga said that he was ready to return to the pro scene with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, but the player, who recently joined FURIA, refused to compete with his longtime friend. He spoke about this during a live stream, clips from which were provided by Dust2 Brasil.

He must have had reasons why he didn't agree to compete together with me. But I understand his position because I could abandon the project halfway through again. For example, that's what happened with Imperial when I departed the team. My contract didn't expire, and I hadn't even fulfilled half of it.

I wanted to return to the pro scene with FalleN, but he refused. He was worried that I would leave him during the project, as I had done before. Obviously, I was upset, because it was with him that I wanted to return, but I cannot condemn his choice.

I think when all the hype around FURIA started, one of the reasons they didn't reach out to me was because they were focusing on FalleN and he must not have trusted me. It is fair. It seems to me that this became the stumbling block.

At the beginning of 2023, Alvarenga departed Imperial. However, later the esports athlete denied the rumors about his retirement, adding that he took a break due to a lack of desire to compete.

Origin: www.dust2.com.br