Gabe Follower: developers work on option to add multiple skins to one slot

Data miner Gabe Follower shared information according to which Valve is working on adding a new feature to Counter-Strike. In the comment section under one of the streams, he said that the developers are preparing an option of adding several skins to one weapon slot.

It is likely that the new feature will be similar to the one, which is currently featured in Valorant. In Riot's shooter you can choose favourite skins, which are randomly selected at the beginning of each game.

According to the data miner, Valve intends to add a "Favourite" tab, which players can fill with their selected skins. It is unknown how exactly the feature will be implemented, and whether it will be brought to the game in the upcoming updates.

Notably, in one of the recent updates for CS2, the developers updated the buy menu interface. Players now have a limited number of devices to choose from for each category. In addition, the ability to select two rifles and pistols at once, which previously replaced each other has been implemented, and the function of canceling a purchase has been added