Famous artist presented his first skin for CS2

MultiH, creator of several skins added to CS:GO, including Glock-18 | Sacrifice and AUG | Momentum, submitted his first work for CS2. Via his Twitter account, the skin-maker posted screenshots of the new Desert Eagle called Sakura's Blossom.

The new skin features black, silver and pink hues, and sakura branches have become the main motif. Notably, MultiH posted his work the day after Valve updated the Steam Workshop toolkit, allowing artists to create skins for CS2.

MultiH is a well-known skin-maker, since nine of his works were chosen by Valve and added to CS:GO. Among his other skins, Tec-9 | Flash Out, SSG 08 | Mainframe 001 and UMP-45 | Momentum.

In addition to the skins, he also created the SAS Chicken sticker, which appeared in the game along with the Community Stickers Series 3 in 2014.

Origin: twitter.com