Ukrainian club IKLA goes international

IKLA announced via their social media accounts a large-scale reshuffle, as the club will form two rosters, including an international one, with communication in English, and a Ukrainian one.

Vladislav "Kvem" Korol and Alexey "Topa" Topchienko kept their places in IKLA's main roster. In the near future, three newcomers, whose names will become known after the trial period, will join them.

A trio from the main roater in Yaroslav "byr9" Buryak, Kyrylo "s4ltovsk1yy" Lytvynov and Artem "kensizor" Kapran became the core of the Ukrainian IKLA roster. Together with them, under the new IKLA UA tag, will be competing two members of the youth lineup, which previously played as IKLA Gennins.

IKLA CEO Maxim Bednarsky noted that the reason for separating players into two rosters was the conflicts between them about positions and views on development. The club's head added that the main roster is currently trialing esports athletes with experience of competing at tier 1 scene.

 IKLA's current lineup is:

 Vladislav "Kvem" Korol
Alexey "Topa" Topchienko

 Roman "WOLF" Mykhaylenko (coach)

 IKLA UA current lineup is:

 Yaroslav "byr9" Buryak
 Kyrylo "s4ltovsk1yy" Lytvynov
Artem "kensizor" Kapran
Oleksandr "lucky_cryak1" Romanyuk
Oleksandr "kL1o" Zakharchuk