Astralis announce massive changes in women's roster

Astralis announced via their official website significant changes in the women's team, as the club has parted ways with four players and will assemble a new roster around IGL Aurora "aurora" Lyngdal.

Astralis fe parted ways with Héjja "kezziwow" Kászandrá, Selin "spike" Alak, Yoana "Joanana" Vlaykova and Luna "ManeschijnX⁠" Akkermans. Their places will be taken by young Danish esports athletes, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Astralis formed a women's team in September 2022. Since then, the roster have not had any significant success in ESL Impact tournaments and won only several minor online events.

Updated Astralis fe roster will debut at ESL Impact Season 4. The start of the tournament is scheduled for August 2023.