How to find out about CS2 Limited Test invite without entering game?

Players have discovered a quick and reliable way to find out whether they have received a Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test invite, as all you need to do is visit a corresponding page on Steam website via a browser.

To check if you have access to CS2 without launching the CS:GO client, you need to open the Steam website and, being logged into your account, go to "Support" page, which can be found in the main navigation menu at the top. After that, select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where you will see the purchase date of the game and an invite to the Limited Test of a new version, if you received it.

CS2 Limited Test invite on Steam page

You can also visit the desired page directly using the corresponding link, which is convenient to add to your browser bookmarks, not to launch CS:GO just to check if you have access to CS2.

According to Valve, Counter-Strike 2 testing will be ongoing until the summer 2023, when the game will become available to everyone. Full information about the Limited Test is available via the link.