CCT 2023 Online Finals 1 team list finalized

CCT 2023 Online Finals 1 organizers have announced the remaining unknown participants of the upcoming online tournament. The invitees are Bad News Eagles, Movistar Riders, Into the Breach, ECSTATIC, Endpoint, ex-Copenhagen Flames and HAVU.

The unveiled teams joined NIP, 9INE, BIG, FORZE, Aurora, Astralis Talent, Sharks, Meta and Corinthians who received their invites earlier. All rosters will kick off the tournament in a Double Elimination playoff format from the upper bracket Round of 16.

CCT 2023 Online Finals 1 first matches seeding looks as follows:

 NIP –  Meta
 Into the Breach –  Aurora
 Bad News Eagles –  ex-Copenhagen Flames
 BIG –  Corinthians
 Movistar Riders –  ECSTATIC
 9INE –  Sharks
 Astralis Talent –  Endpoint

CCT 2023 Online Finals 1 will play out on May 23 to 30 with a prize pool of $200,000. This will be the first of five planned events in the series after the cancellation of LAN finals at the end of March.