Data miner: Valve is working on an equalizer system for Counter-Strike 2

Data miner ALE shared via his Twitter account an interesting discovery in Counter-Strike 2 files. He managed to find information about Valve's work on an equalizer system, which is designed to improve sound perception and reduce hearing fatigue.

In the tweet, he noted that in the current iteration, the system is represented by three presets: Bright, Flat and Dark. Data miner believes that Valve has two goals with this, including improving the perception of steps and reducing fatigue.

In the hidden files, ALE also found the official description of the system. However, he noted that innovations may not be in Counter-Strike 2 on release.

Balances sound frequencies for player preference. 'Brighten' aims to reduce muffle and increase sense of positional cues. 'Smooth' aims to reduce harshness and ear fatigue. Default is a blend of both/

At the end of March, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2, which will be released this summer. Since then, the developers have released several updates for the Limited Test, which is available for selected esports athletes and casual players.