Counter-Strike 2 to support NVIDIA Reflex

Counter-Strike 2 will support NVIDIA Reflex technology, which reduces response lag, as was shared by The Verge, which cited the new GeForce RTX 4070 video card presentation.

Valve and NVIDIA are working on bringing Reflex to Counter-Strike 2, which is scheduled to be released this summer. The technology will impact older GPUs the most to offset the existing difference in GPU power.

NVIDIA Reflex is reported to help reduce latency by up to 35%, depending on the GPU model.

The image above shows the difference in latency with the technology enabled on different GPUs. For example, RTX 4070 can reduce latency by 20% (8ms vs. 10ms), while RTX 3060 and GTX 1060 help to offset the difference by 32% (16ms vs. 11ms) and 35% (26ms vs. 17ms), respectively.

Earlier, Ansimist found out that the developers have aligned the head hitboxes in Counter-Strike 2. The new version of Valve's shooter will be release next summer.