TSM continues working on return to CS:GO

TSM's CEO Andy Dean announced via his Twitter account that American organization TSM is still working on a return to the professional CS:GO scene.

According to TSM's CEO, despite the rumors that have appeared in the media, the club continues evaluating its prospects in esports ecosystems and focuses on entering CS:GO again.

TSM is committed to esports. We’re planning to enter CS:GO sometime later this year which is a larger investment than all of the games we’ve left combined. TSM is always evaluating what esports ecosystems are best to invest in and will continue to enter and exit games.

Recently, the reputable Sports Business Journal reported that the American club is suspending most of its esports rosters, including the League of Legends lineup. This news alarmed the fans, as the organization announced its intention to return to CS:GO last year.

TSM originally planned to sign a Valve's shooter roster at the beginning of 2023, but then delayed their return until the second half of the season. According to the club's Vice President, Dominik Kallas, the team will be formed by the best players.

Note that the developers will stop supporting the CS:GO professional scene after BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023. Valve will officially release Counter-Strike 2 this summer, while the first Major after porting to the new engine will play out in March 2024.

Origin: twitter.com