Heroic fail to secure funds needed for sustaining business first try

In the initial attempt, Heroic failed to raise sufficient funds to get out of the financial crisis, which became known of yesterday, March 20. At the extraordinary general meeting held on March 20, shareholders did not show the needed interest in additional support for the club.

Heroic announced that another general meeting will be held on March 27. At the meeting, shareholders will be offered additional conditions, which should increase their interest in financing the organization.

Heroic initially intended to bring in ranging from $1.14 million to $1.9 million at a share price of $0.19. The club now wants to raise between $760,000 and $1.43 million, with a minimum share price of $0.095.

Earlier it was reported that Heroic is in acute need of cash injection to sustain its business. In particular, multigaming organization expects to receive about $930,000 before the summer 2023.

Origin: www.notc.no