Zero retires from CS:GO

The 24-year-old Slovakian esports athlete Patrick "Zero" Žúdel has announced via his social media accounts that he retires from CS:GO, attributing this decision to the lack of motivation to compete and loss of interest in the game.

I have lost interest in competing and as a result, I am no longer driven to improve my skills in CS. I am not interested in pursuing something solely for money. I believe it's the appropriate moment for me to explore other passions that I have. For those who are curious, I plan to dedicate some time to self-study. That's my main goal at the moment. I'll also be streaming some of my studies as I've done in the past.

Zero debuted on the competitive scene in 2013. During his career, the player competed for HellRaisers, GameAgents, Budapest Five and GamerLegion.

In the middle of the previous season the 24-year-old Slovak joined SINNERS, but departed the rosters in February for personal reasons.