ESL no longer requires Liquid, Evil Geniuses and Complexity to train in North America

Tournament operator ESL changed the agreement with partner teams, which obligated Liquid, Evil Geniuses and Complexity to spend certain amount of time in North America during the year, as Complexity manager Graham Pitt announced in a Reddit comment.

The so-called Louvre Agreement implied that the North American partner teams had to stay in their region, where they could practice with lower rated rosters, thereby helping to develop the local scene. That was a requirement for 2022, which, according to Pitt, has now been lifted.

At the beginning of last year, ESL announced their intention to significantly help the development of the North American professional CS:GO scene, which suffered from the coronavirus pandemic and the release of Riot's shooter, which became popular in the region. Since then, the tournament operator has not commented on the actions taken in this direction.

Recently, Jason Lake, Complexity CEO, spoke about the problems that North American teams face. According to the Chief Executive Director, the pro scene is currently oriented mostly towards Europe, which complicates the work of North American squads.