Jame shares 20 tips for progressing on FACEIT and in matchmaking

Outsiders IGL Dzhami "Jame" Ali released a video on his YouTube channel, in which he gave twenty tips for progressing faster in CS:GO. The Russian is confident that his recommendations will help to improve results both on FACEIT and in regular matchmaking.

Jame admitted that some of his tips, like learning nade lineups and practicing shooting, is universal and widely known. At the same time, he came up with most of the instructions himself, based on his previous experience.

Jame's 20 tips for progressing on FACEIT and in matchmaking are:

  1. Learn English for in-game communication.
  2. Learn basic nades.
  3. Practice shooting.
  4. Communicate correctly and politely.
  5. Do not surrender during a match.
  6. Choose a cool nickname and profile
  7. picture.
  8. Do not play alone.
  9. Expand your social circle and constantly look for new teammates.
  10. Estimate your strength in every match properly.
  11. Get enough sleep.
  12. Eat well.
  13. Do not be distracted by phone or other things during the match.
  14. Do not learn all the maps, but focus on several of them at a time.
  15. Create a schedule and do not play for 10 hours straight.
  16. Analyze your recorded matches.
  17. If playing solo, pick Inferno and Overpass and go for an AWP.
  18. If playing duo, pick Anubis and Ancient.
  19. Do not play Vertigo and Nuke, because few people know them well. Also, do not play Mirage, because everyone has learned it.
  20. Use tactics in pistol rounds.
  21. Support your team, say "nt" and "nice" to teammates more often.

As a reminder, former Astralis player Lucas "Bubzkji" Andresen shared tips for fast progress on FACEIT before. The Dane outlined twelve points, that, according to him, will help to significantly increase ELO, should they be followed.

Origin: youtu.be