Chinese collector buys CS:GO AK-47 skin for $160,000

CS:GO has recorded one of the biggest skin sales in the game’s history, as Chinese collector purchased an AK-47 Wild Lotus with Reason Holo stickers (Katowice 2014) for ¥1,095,000 (~$160,000).

The aforementioned skin's float level, which is one of the most important indicators of the CS:GO cosmetic items’ value, is close to the minimal – 0.005967814. Also, the cost is increased by some of the rarest stickers, each costing around $40,000 today.

Click the image to view the skin in game

This AK-47 was used by FaZe Clan player Russel "Twistzz " Van Dulken in 2022. Last year, the previous owner of the skin lended it to the Canadian esports athlete.

The most expensive CS:GO skin is AK-47 StatTrak™ Case Hardened with Titan Holo stickers applied. A collector from Denmark, known in the CS:GO community as Luksusbums, is ready to sell it for $400,000, which, according to industry experts, is a very real price.