ECSTATIC qualify for ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023 Europe

ECSTATIC have secured a ticket to ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023. At the end of April, the Danes, as the winners of the European qualifier, will travel to Australia, where the tournament will play out.

ECSTATIC started ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023 qualifying cycle with a successful open qualifier, after which they won the closed qualifier, defeating the Poles from HONORIS in the final.

The results of the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023 Europe Closed Qualifier are:

ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023 will take place in Melbourne, Australian from 28 to 30 April. Eight participants will compete for a $100,000 prize pool and a ticket to ESL Pro League Season 18.

Previously, Complexity, Bad News Eagles, IHC and Grayhound received direct invites to the upcoming LAN tournament. Besides them, ECSTATIC, Rare Atom and two other qualifier winners will compete at the tournament.

The team list for ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023 looks as follows:

 Bad News Eagles
 Rare Atom
North America qualifier winner
Oceania qualifier winner