Gabe Follower explained "tickless" servers of CS:GO on Source 2

Gabe Follower, a well-known data miner in the CS:GO community, shared more in-depth information on the new server system, which is likely to replace the tickrate with Valve’s shooter being ported to Source 2. Upon studying the game code, he published the conclusions via his Twitter.

In particular, Gabe Follower clarified that there is no talk about "zero ticks", unlike it was previously assumed. Valve changed the system from "tickless" to "subtick", which may indicate a variable tickrate for different event categories on the server.

This system has been renamed from "tickless", to the less ambitious "subtick". I thought that would be obvious, but I agree, I really should have noted it. Of course we're not talking about zero ticks.

The strings clearly state that this system is only related to player movement, so even if devs will add some sort of variable tickrate, it will have no effect on grenade lineups / throwing trajectories. Theoretically, devs can activate two systems that work independently of each other. A constant tickrate value would be used for something important, a smaller or variable tickrate would be used for less intensive events.

Based on the new name, "subtick" may mean that the server will start predicting the player's position if the shot from weapon happened between two ticks. Rather than giving preference to the past or the future ones. But again, we are talking about milliseconds here, the vast majority of players won't even notice it.

At the moment, the "subtick" system is stored in the foundation of the new engine and is not currently used in any of the games on Source 2. When something is added to the "base" code, this most likely means that the system is planned to be used not only in one project and may become part of many games in the future. It is important to note that in parallel with CS:GO on Source 2, another team at Valve is developing yet another multiplayer FPS game called Neon Prime and this system may be intended for it.

Yesterday, March 8, data miners found several significant confirmations that Valve's work on CS:GO's beta on Source 2 is at its final stage. Also, few days prior, established journalist Richard Lewis, citing his own sources, claimed that the so-called Counter- Strike 2 will be released no later than April 1.