Gabe Follower: "I don't think CS:GO on Source 2 will introduce 128 tick rate"

Gabe Follower, a well-known data miner in the CS:GO community, shared doubts via his Twitter account that after the expected CS:GO's port to Source 2, the game will feature 128 tick servers. Upon studying Dota 2's code after the update, he came to the conclusion that Valve is creating a new tick system for their shooter.

I don't think CS:GO on Source 2 will introduce 128 tick rate, based on new strings in Dota 2 updates, devs are working on a new "tickless / subtick" system.

If I understand it correctly, instead of client and server reading the game events independently of each other and then comparing the result. Now client will wait for the result from server and only then continue with the actions. Correct me if I'm wrong.

On the night of March 6, data miners found several significant confirmations that Valve's work on CS:GO's beta on Source 2 is at its final stage. The release is expected to happen in the near future.

Several days ago, journalist Richard Lewis outlined the time frame for the release of CS:GO on the new engine. According to him, this should happen no later than April 1, and the new game, which, among other things, expected to feature 128 tick servers, will be called Counter-Strike 2.