Jame about CS:GO on Source 2: "Did I play 20K hours for nothing?"

Outsiders' IGL Dzhami "Jame" Ali shared his opinion on CS:GO's possible port to Source 2 during a stream on his Twitch channel. He hopes that porting to a more modern engine will not come with significant changes to the gameplay, which would make the teams' existing strats worthless.

Jame compared CS:GO on Source 2 to Dota 2's similar port to a new engine in 2015. The Russian recalled that at the time, the Valve's game had only undergone an optimization improvement.

I hope we won't lose anything. I hope Source 2 port will be similar to the Dota 2's port, which did not impact the mechanics in general, but only improved optimization and other things. Did I play 20K hours for nothing? We will have to study something new again. To be honest, I'm tired of that, so let's play on the old engine a bit longer. <...> Pro-players will remain, but those who were lagging behind and played poorly... In short, the young ones will lead. Experience will suffice.

Everything will remain on Source 2. Perhaps they will add some interesting maps or new mechanics. All these custom modes, such as parkour, can be added too. The engine allows to implement ideas that could not be implemented before. When Dota 2 was ported, unreal custom games appeared there, which set the bar too high for current CS:GO. Maybe something like Battle Royale or MMORPG will be added to CS.

The rumors about CS:GO's port to Source 2 first appeared in 2017, but their publication have significantly increased over the past few weeks. Earlier, journalist Richard Lewis said that the Valve's shooter on the new engine called Counter-Strike 2 will be released in March.

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