mezii calls Outsiders most uncomfortable opponents for fnatic

fnatic’s IGL William "mezii" Merriman said in an interview with the organizers of ESL Pro League Season 17 that Outsiders are most uncomfortable opponents for his team. According to the Briton, the Dzhami "Jame" Ali-led squad has a playstyle that significantly differs from other teams.

Every single time we play them [Outsiders] it feels like we’ve got the right match prep and game plan. We get into good openers or a good start round and then the mid rounds… It’s super frustrating to play. They are disciplined in the game. Jame has his foot on my neck every single time. They are just really frustrating to play compared to most teams, they play completely different style.

At ESL Pro League Season 17, fnatic lost to Outsiders, but managed to defeat MIBR and Eternal Fire, which will allow them to compete for a playoff spot. The ticket-deciding confrontation versus G2 is schedueled to take place today, February 25, at 18:00 MSK.