CPH Flames, IKLA, ECSTATIC and HONORIS eliminated from RMR closed qualifiers

The third round of the closed qualifiers for the European RMR event came to a close, seeing four teams losing a chance to continue their runs. These are Copenhagen Flames, IKLA, ECSTATIC and HONORIS.

Copenhagen Flames and IKLA competed in the A group, where they were eliminated after suffering three defeats in a row. At the start of the qualifier, the Danes lost to Eternal Fire and Mixfits before falling to PGE Turow in the decisive game – 16:14 on Ancient, 14:16 on Vertigo and 11:16 on Nuke. The Ukrainian roster, following unsuccessful matches against Into the Breach and 1WIN, lost to their compatriots from B8 – 16:11 on Ancient, 14:16 on Mirage and 14:16 on Inferno.

The current results of the A group look as follows:

ECSTATIC and HONORIS both failed to win a single match in the B group. The Danish squad was unable to handle Aurora and Monte, as well as forZe, to whom they lost 1:2 – 16:14 on Ancient, 12:16 on Inferno and 12:16 on Nuke. The Poles started the qualifier with defeats to Falcons and iNation, after which were knocked out by EYEBALLERS – 4:16 on Inferno and 12:16 on Vertigo.

The current results of the B group are:

Today, February 18, each of the two closed qualifiers for the European RMR event will see three matches for a spot at the tournament and the same number of elimination games.