Complexity's manager: "The biggest change has been our approach to practice and game planning"

Complexity General Manager Graham "messioso" Pitt engaged with the club's fans on Discord, delving into the changes that brought about the North American team's improved results. He revealed that the squad increased emphasis on theoretical study and also refined their pre-match preparation approach.

The biggest change has been our approach to practice and game planning. I can't get too much into the game planning, as in, how we prepare for a specific opponent and what win conditions we set ourselves for the series, as that information could be exploited by future opponents, but suffice to say we've changed how we're doing it.

On the practice side, we've added a lot more theory to our practice days. Talking about how we want to play the game and building our system in more detail. I don't think we can necessarily sustain 10+ hours a day long term, so it's something that we will need to assess moving forward - but at the same time, our practice days in Europe are so valuable that it's essential we get the most out of them.

Complexity started the season placing 7-9th at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 and 7-8th at IEM Katowice 2023. In just a few days, the team will take part in the North American qualifier for IEM Brazil 2023, before heading to Malta for ESL Pro League Season 17.