LAN event in Malta announced with $100,000 prize pool

CCT Central Europe Studio Finals is set to be held in Malta on February 16-18 in a studio format. The $100,000 tournament is part of the Champion of Champions Tour circuit announced last year.

The upcoming championship will feature eight European teams. In the group stage, they will be split into two quartets, from where the two strongest teams will advance to the playoffs.

As of now, half of the teams that will be participating in CCT Central Europe Studio Finals remain unknown. ENCE were handed a direct invitation, forZe and Copenhagen Flames qualified via the regional ranking of the organizers, while HONORIS will show up at the competition thanks to their results at Champion of Champions online tournaments. The remaining four squads will be announced shortly.

Besides $100,000, CCT Central Europe Studio Finals will have a ticket up for grabs to the final event of the CCT series with a prize pool of $500,000, which is expected to take place in 2024.

The team list for CCT Central Europe Studio Finals looks as follows:

 Copenhagen Flames
 Direct invitee #2
 Direct invitee #3
 Direct invitee #4
 Direct invitee #5