Woro2k and Monte CEO accuse ex-ESIC employee of blackmail

Monte player Volodymyr "Woro2k" Veletniuk and the Ukrainian organization's CEO Dmytro Vovk accused the former Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) employee Aleksey "yarabeu" Kurlov of blackmail. Such statements they made in a comment to journalist Richard Lewis.

The Monte representatives claim that yarabeu reached out to them with an offer to buy evidence of fraud by the team's member Joel "joel" Holmlund. The organization agreed to pay for the information, if it turned out to be significant, for the purpose of further investigation, however, the ex-ESIC employee provided only screenshots from an old chat of someone allegedly selling information about fixed matches.

According to Woro2k, his club was ready to pay from $5,000 to $10,000, but did not, as a result of which yarabeu began to threaten that the team would no longer be invited to tournaments. The CEO of Monte called Kurlov a scammer who pretends to fight against match-fixing but in reality profits from it.

The former ESIC employee came to be known in the CS:GO community in October last year after public accusations against a number of players who, as he claimed, were involved in match-fixing. Subsequently, yarabeu did not provide any significant evidence for his statements.

Origin: www.dexerto.com