peacemaker close to signing with TeamOne

TeamOne and Brazilian coach Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu are in the closing stages of talks on cooperation, Rodrigo Terron, one of the club's managers, said in a comment to

The parties have already agreed on the contract terms and are currently negotiating various details. The announcement of the new coach is expected to take place shortly.

peacemaker is set to take up coaching duties from Joaquin "lokomotioN" Abasolo. The previous TeamOne skipper has been in charge of the team since August 2022 and has not helped them achieve any significant success.

Tadeu's previous place of employment was Imperial, whom he coached since the project's inception in early 2022. With him on board, the Brazilian roster showed up at such prestige events as PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and IEM Cologne 2022. In the summer, the specialist left the team amid poor results.

TeamOne are expected to start the new competitive season with the following lineup:

 Pedro "⁠Maluk3⁠" Campos
 Matheus "⁠pesadelo⁠" Panisset
 Alencar "⁠trk⁠" Rossato
 Victor "⁠iDk⁠" Torraca
 Mario "⁠malbsMd⁠" Samayoa

  Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu (coach)