Astralis and Complexity's stock prices halved in 2022

Reputable publication Sports Business Journal has published a list of the publicly traded esports companies whose stock prices saw the biggest drop in 2022. Among them are Astralis and Complexity (GameSquare Esports), represented in the CS:GO pro scene.

Besides Astralis and Complexity, the list of unprofitable companies for the year includes Enthusiast Gaming, which owns the Luminosity brand, OverActive Media, the owner of MAD Lions, as well as Guild, the club of the famous former football player David Beckham.

The ranking of the most unprofitable public esports companies in 2022 is as follows:

  1. Enthusiast Gaming (-82%)
  2. OverActive Media (-82%)
  3. Guild (-62%)
  4. GameSquare Esports (-54,1%)
  5. Astralis (-44,2%)

Journalists noted that over the past year, the stock prices of publicly traded clubs have fallen by more than 50% on average, with a decline in investor confidence cited as the main reason.