Gabe Follower: Valve seems to have already found a solution on how to port content to Source 2

Well-known content maker in the community, Gabe Follower, who has repeatedly reported on Valve's work on porting CS:GO to the Source 2 game engine, explained in an interview to the YouTube channel Syn Fermera why the developers have yet to implement the planned update of the game. According to him, between 2018 and 2020, the company diverted every resource to the development of Half-Life: Alyx, and then faced the problem of porting CS:GO user-generated content to the new engine.

At the same time, Gabe Follower stated for the first time that Valve has probably already found a solution for automatically porting content such as maps and skins to Source 2. Nonetheless, he stopped short of naming possible dates for the release of the updated CS:GO.

CS:GO on Source 2 was supposed to be released back in 2018, in beta. A rather significant problem stopped Valve: the problem of porting user-generated content. There are a huge number of maps and skins for CS:GO in the Steam Workshop, not to mention skins that have already been added to the game. As far as I understand it, at that time they did not manage to come up with a good system for automatically porting content to Source 2. From 2018 to 2020, they did not do this, because at that moment all key developers, including programmers, were involved in finishing Half-Life: Alyx before release.

When Half-Life: Alyx came out in 2020, as I understand it, for the last two years they have been looking and they seem to have already found a reasonable solution on how to automatically port user-generated content to Source 2 for CS:GO. They don't want to repeat history with CS 1.6 and Source, when they made a new game but no one wanted to switch to it, because the old one was still great to play. The idea is that initially, for example, one year, after switching to Source 2, the game should feel just as it feels now, otherwise people will complain and start a riot in the community. They need to minimize all potential risks, all potential resentment. It is still inevitable but they are looking for the path of least resistance.

Over the past year, Gabe Follower has published several facts about Valve's work on porting CS:GO to Source 2. In particular, he learned that the developers are already testing competitive maps on the new engine and that one of the company's key employees, Robin Walker, has been involved in the development.