Dust2's popularity drops only 3% after removal from competitive map pool

Following the removal of Dust2 from the competitive map pool after the latest major update, it remains one of the most popular maps in matchmaking, as evidenced by the data from the analytical service csgostats.gg.

According to the information published, the popularity of Dust2 has dropped from 23.9% to 20.9% over the past three weeks. The percentage corresponds to the proportion of matches played among all maps available in CS:GO competitive mode.

More often than Dust2 players choose only Mirage, which maintains its high figure of 31.4%. All the other maps also demonstrate their former popularity, except for Anubis, which was moved to Active Duty as a replacement for Dust2: the location with an ancient Egyptian entourage is now picked 5% more often.

The top 10 maps in matchmaking are:

  1. Mirage – 31.4%
  2. Dust2 – 20.9%
  3. Inferno – 17.7%
  4. Nuke – 5.5%
  5. Anubis – 5.4%
  6. Overpass – 5.1%
  7. Cache – 3.9%
  8. Vertigo – 3.5%
  9. Office – 2.5%
  10. Ancient – 1.4%

Origin: csgostats.gg