"Bad result, good feeling". device speaks on returning to pro scene

Astralis’ AWPer Nicolai "device" Reedtz commented on his performance at CCT North Europe Series 2, where he played his first matches after a long period of inactivity. In an interview to Astralis' press service, he noted that he was disappointed with the elimination in the quarterfinals of the concluded online tournament, but at the same time he was glad to return to the professional scene and play in a team.

I am not gonna lie, it feels great to be back! I am still a bit rusty, which shows in some situations, but overall I am just happy to be back and to have this feeling of being on a team again. It is always about the team, and I am disappointed about the result, but being back is awesome.

The result of that game is not going to overshadow the overall positive feeling, though. There is so much to build on, and I am completely confident we are on the right path and that we will only improve from here. As a team, but also for myself. Bad result, good feeling.

At CCT North Europe Series 2, the Astralis roster kicked off the competition directly from the playoff stage. In the Round of 16, the Danish squad bested Tricked yet fell to HEET in the following match.

Before the end of the year, Astralis will take part in another online event, which will be officially announced later on.

Origin: www.astralis.gg