kRYSTAL announces completion of his playing career; transitions to coaching

Benched in cowana Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend has announced on Twitter that he has decided to retire from competitive play. He will remain in the CS:GO pro scene as a coach.

Amend explained that insufficient results and criticism from the fans, who pointed out the low level of his individual play, were the main reasons for his retirement.

kRYSTAL's career began in 2011 in CS: Source. After the release of CS:GO, he represented several teams, the most notable of which are PENTA, Sprout and GODSENT.

Amend is best known for his time in PENTA when he reached the quarterfinals of two Majors – DreamHack Winter 2014 and ESL One Katowice 2015. Amend won his only LAN event trophy four years ago with Imperial at DreamHack Open Summer 2018.

kRYSTAL's current contract with cowana expires in early 2023, after which the 29-year-old German will be able to move on to coaching. In an address to the CS:GO community, he noted that teams interested in cooperation can contact him directly.