All-Star team wins showmatch at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022

The showmatch at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 saw the All-Star squad get the better of Team Denmark. The meeting took place on the recently added to the competitive map pool Anubis and ended with a 16:13 scoreline.

It is worth noting that Team Denmark played as a sextet after former Danish national team and Arsenal player Nicklas Bendtner joined the squad. Throughout the match, he managed to get only four frags.

A distinctive feature of the showmatch was the constantly changing conditions of its holding. For instance, based on fan voting during the game, there were rounds where the teams could use only one type of weapon: the AWP, shotguns, or SMGs. The match also saw the rounds with no gravity, smoke on the stage, and other unusual conditions.

The showmatch was played before the start of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 grand final, in which FaZe will take on Heroic. The confrontation is set to kick off at 19:30 MSK.