innersh1ne: "Anubis seems to be a difficult map. Preparing for it won't be easy"

FaZe analyst Viacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin explained on his Telegram channel why at BLAST Premier World Final 2022 people should not expect many matches on the Anubis map, recently added to the competitive map pool. In his opinion, the complexity of the map and a number of other factors will not allow teams to fully use it in their games.

The first appearance of Anubis is expected at the BLAST Global Final in Abu Dhabi in mid-December – summing up my expectations. There will most likely not be many Anubises. Even though there are three weeks to practice the new map, there are a few "buts":

  • Many teams have already gone/are going on a winter break.
  • Of those that remain, you cannot play praccs on Anubis against other participants of the tournament in Abu Dhabi. Plus not all of the teams will actively practice the map right off the bat.
  • There are quite a few bugs on the map, which, I hope, will be fixed soon.
  • Anubis seems to be a difficult and variable map, preparing a playbook for it will not be easy.

But I think someone will still risk betting on a strong Anubis in Abu Dhabi. The question is who.

Valve added Anubis to the competitive map pool in a recent major update. Besides, the CS:GO developers reduced the AWP's magazine size from ten bullets to five and also nerfed the M4A1-S.

BLAST Premier World Final 2022 will be held from December 14 to 18. Eight teams will battle out $1 million in prize money.