s1mple: "Sometimes it feels like stupid people work at Valve"

NAVI's Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev took part in a press conference ahead of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022, a recording of which was published by Pley.gg. The Ukrainian answered a number of questions and, among other things, spoke negatively of Valve's work.

According to s1mple, the CS:GO developers are too slow to respond to the problems that the game has.

It feels weird when they leave maps like Ancient. They don't change Ancient at all. Sometimes it feels like stupid people work at Valve. They don't understand that CT side is too strong and they add another new map with a lot of bugs. I mean, I like Anubis but there's gonna be a lot new bugs that they're gonna fix probably in half months.

Kostyliev also said that a player from the club's academy team is currently practicing with NAVI. He did not reveal who the potential newcomer to the squad is, but, according to rumors, it is Andrii "nipl" Kukharskyi.

We're feeling okay. We added a sixth player to see how he's gonna practice with us. And overall we expext to go as deep as possible. Who is the player? You know, I don't remember his nickname. He is from NAVI Junior. <...> I think the organization and team need to finally decide with what roster they want to continue in 2023. It's the most important because when we won all tournaments last year, we had like four or five months together with our new players. We were always practicing, we always had bootcamps. And since the war started, there's no bootcamps, hard practice. We removed a player as well and keep trying something new.

NAVI will start their BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 campaign tomorrow, November 23, facing off against Fluxo. The match between Natus Vincere and the Brazilians is scheduled to kick off at 18:00 MSK.

Origin: youtu.be