New CS:GO peak player count record set for 2022 after November 19 update

On November 19, 1,129,095 people concurrently played CS:GO, which is the record for the peak player count in 2022. The data was provided by the analytical service Steam Charts.

Increased interest in Valve's shooter was caused by a major update released on the night of November 19. The developers replaced Dust2 with Anubis in the competitive map pool, nerfed the M4A1-S and also reduced the AWP magazine size from ten bullets to five.

The previous peak player count record for the current year also resulted from an update and was set in August, when 1,013,237 people concurrently played CS:GO. Then, in celebration of the shooter's 10th anniversary, the developers introduced sticker capsules, a themed coin and new maps.

The absolute record for peak concurrent players in CS:GO was set in April 2020 and amounted to 1,305,714.