Post-nerf M4A1-S catches up with M4A4 in terms of long-range shooting efficiency

Following the November 19 CS:GO update, where, among other things, the M4A1-S was nerfed, this rifle has now caught up with the M4A4 in terms of long-range shooting efficiency. This conclusion was made by a Reddit user under the nickname AWStudiosWA after comparing the two variants of the CTs' main automatic weapon before and after the patch.

The author noted that after the M4A1-S range modifier decreased from 0.99 to 0.94, this weapon deals up to 30% less damage depending on the distance to the target. For example, at a distance of up to 500 units (~9,5m), the M4A1-S is capable of killing an armored enemy with four body shots, while the M4A4 requires five shots, but as the distance to the enemy increases, the characteristics of the two rifles level out.

It is important to note that despite dealing similar damage as the M4A4, the M4A1-S rifle remains more accurate, cheaper and, due to the silencer, often allows players to hide the direction of fire. The unsilenced M4 version, on the other hand, has a faster rate of fire, while its magazine size features five more bullets.

In the recent CS:GO update, besides the changes to the M4A1-S characteristics, the developers also added the Anubis map to the competitive map pool, where it replaced Dust2, and also reduced the AWP magazine from ten to five bullets.