NAVI is the most popular team at IEM Rio Major 2022

NAVI became the most popular participants of IEM Rio Major 2022 in terms of the average viewer count, according to analytical service Esports Charts.

On average, 731,065 people watched matches featuring NAVI at the last Major. Following Natus Vincere are FURIA (703,838 people), with the top 5 also including Heroic (616,151 people) and two other Brazilian teams in Imperial (509,434 people) and 00NATION (452,634 people).

IEM Rio Major 2022 took place from October 31 to November 13 and ended with the victory of Outsiders. According to the previously published Esports Charts report, the most popular match of the tournament was the quarterfinal between NAVI and FURIA, which attracted 1,388,355 viewers at its peak.