Rumors: Sadokist was removed from IEM Rio Major 2022 after fight with Brazilian operators

Details of caster Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett's removal from IEM Rio Major 2022 have been revealed. ESL previously reported that the commentator was removed from the talent lineup due to an unspecified incident at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, after which found out details of what happened.

According to the journalists' report, on the night of the incident, Sadokist returned to the hotel after heavily drinking at a bar after midnight and decided to set up computers in one of the conference rooms so that commentators could play in their spare time. While doing so, the Canadian got into an argument with Brazilian operators who were filming content for streamer Alexandre "⁠gAuLeS⁠" Chiqueta and FURIA. The altercation then escalated into a fight.

During the scuffle, Trivett smashed a TV, leading to hotel staff and the police being called. ESL Vice President Michal Blicharz tried to resolve the situation but the commentator would not calm down and began to quarrel with the head.

It was noted that Sadokist was fired the next morning. ESL booked the first flight out of Rio de Janeiro for him and informed other casters about what had happened. turned to ESL for additional comment but the company refused and stated that it "would like the focus to remain on the competition."