Heroic beat Liquid to book IEM Rio Major 2022 playoff berth; Sprout eliminated

Liquid secured three victories in the IEM Major 2022 Legends Stage and advanced to the playoffs of the tournament. After coming out on top of Outsiders and fnatic, the Danish squad bested Liquid 2:0 – 16:8 on Vertigo, 5:16 on Mirage and 16:11 on Overpass..

In the other match, where the teams fought for survival, Team Spirit took over Sprout 2:0 – 16:9 on Nuke and 16:8 on Vertigo. On November 8, the Russians will play in the fifth round of the Legends Stage for a ticket to the playoffs, while Ismail "refrezh" Ali's men finished their run in 12-14th place and earned $20,000.

The Legends Stage's current results are:

The full schedule, up-to-date results and live broadcast of IEM Rio Major 2022 can be found on the tournament page on our website via this link.