Valve did not close its Pick'Em Challenge for IEM Rio Major 2022 Legends Stage [Updated]

Update (23:10 MSK): Valve has removed the ability to make changes to the Pick'Em Challenge.

Pick'Em Challenge for the Legends Stage at IEM Rio Major 2022 can be changed after the start of this phase's matches at the tournament. The fact that Valve did not close the ability to make changes to one's Pick'Ems was noticed in the CS:GO community.

The Legends stage began at 17:00 MSK with the Team Spirit – Bad News Eagles and Liquid – MOUZ matchups. At the time of publication of the material, that is, an hour and a half after the start of the first games, you can still change your Pick'Ems.

It is also worth noting that the Pick'Em for the Legends Stage was originally supposed to close at 13:00 MSK. The community noticed that after the specified deadline, the following message was written on the Pick'Em Challenge page in the CS:GO client: "1 minute remaining to make your picks."

As part of the Pick'Em Challenge for the Legends Stage, players choose seven teams that they believe can progress to the Legends Stage regardless of the final score of the match, as well as one team that will advance with a 3-0 record and one that will finish the Challengers Stage with a 0-3 record.