chopper on degster leaving Team Spirit: "It was a relief of sorts"

Team Spirit's captain Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov gave an interview to Dexerto, in which he shared his opinion on a number of topics. In particular, the Russian recalled how the parting with the previous team's AWPer Abdul "degster" Gasanov went.

chopper believes that degster's departure was a relief for the team, as the sniper moved away from the squad and had a negative impact on the whole roster.

If we’re thinking about the team composition, losing Abdul was a big blow because he is a big-game player. He’s quite experienced, he can make a difference on the server and take over games. But outside of the server, it was a relief of sorts. Abdul was behaving like a superstar without fulfilling the duties of a superstar. The job of a superstar is to help the team to improve, but he did not do that because he was sort of a hermit. The four of us talked a lot and communicated a lot, while Abdul was on his own all the time. That became more apparent after the Major because he thought of himself as someone who was better than some of his teammates, which is obviously not productive. Outside of the server, it was a relief.

During the interview, Vishnyakov also assessed his status among other IGLs from Russia.

Many Russian in-game leaders have better results than me. nafany, Boombl4, and Jame all have the results to back up their claim. I don’t have as many great results. I need to prove that I deserve it and win more. After Antwerp, many people praised me in private messages. The more I accomplish, the more that will happen. It’s only natural.

chopper had a conversation with a Dexerto journalist before Team Spirit's first match at IEM Rio Major 2022. He believes that his team will feel comfortable as an underdog.

In many situations, we will be the underdogs, and we feel comfortable in that position because the pressure will be on the opponent.

Team Spirit will start IEM Rio Major 2022 from the Legends Stage, facing Bad News Eagles in their first match. The meeting is set to take place today, November 5, at 17:00 MSK.