XTQZZZ on leaving G2: "I felt useless, unable to impact"

Former G2 coach Rémy "XTQZZZ" Quoniam explained his reasons for leaving the team during a live stream on his Twitch channel, quotes from which were published on Twitter by GH X4ndre2. The French specialist noted that he did not have the opportunity to instill his understanding of CS:GO in the roster.

My goal was to adapt to the team, who had a bad experience with their previous coach. I realized after a month that everything had to be redone, back to square one like in Vitality. I didn’t have the same way of working as the club, and I was stuck in this horrible middle-ground. Midway through the season, I told the club that if the way we worked didn’t change I would leave. I felt useless, unable to impact.

All in all, the team only had bad results. I had to take responsibility. I have not been happy for 10 months. I did not want to be a coward. I’ve seen this happen many times where people stay on just for the pay-check but don’t give 100%, I wanted to leave instead of staying without conviction.

XTQZZZ added that his approach to how a team works is long-term focused, while in G2, the work environment was impulsive and often changed. He noted with regret that throughout the entire period in the team he tried to adapt and not impose his views.

XTQZZZ left G2 shortly after the European squad failed to qualify for IEM Rio Major 2022. The team's analyst, Jan "Swani" Müller, will temporarily assume the coach's duties.

Origin: twitter.com