ESL announces its 2023 tournament calendar

Tournament operator ESL has unveiled on its official website the calendar of tournaments that will be held under the company's auspices in 2023. The competition system is called the ESL Pro Tour and features more than forty events.

The most prestigious ESL Pro Tour tournaments are IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne, the dates of which were announced a month ago. Besides these competitions, the category of top-tier events also includes two seasons of the ESL Pro League, as well as IEM Spring, IEM Dallas and IEM Fall.

Over the course of 2023, ESL will hold a number of Challenger-level tournaments, including three ESL Challenger events in the cities of Hannover (Germany), Jönköping (Sweden) and Atlanta (USA). The operator will also organize regional ESL Challenger leagues and a number of national competitions.

As of now, the venues of some tournaments remain unknown, but ESL will share the information in the future.

The ESL Pro Tour tournament calendar for 2023 looks as follows:

EPT Masters and Championship events

 IEM Katowice – January 31-February 12
 ESL Pro League Season 17 – February 21-April 2
 IEM Spring – April 17-23 (location TBA)
 IEM Dallas – May 29-June 4
 IEM Cologne – July 25-August 6
 ESL Pro League Season 18 – August 15-September 24
 IEM Fall – October 16-22 (location TBA)

EPT Challenger events

 ESL Challenger League Season 44 – January 17-March 26
 ESL Challenger #52 – April 28-30 (location TBA)
 ESL Challenger League Season 45 – April 4-May 28
 ESL National Championships – April-June
 ESL Challenger Hanover – June 9-11
 ESL Challenger League Season 46 – July 11-September 17
 ESL Challenger League Season 47 – October 3-December 10
 ESL National Championships – October-December
 ESL Challenger Jönköping – November 24-26
 ESL Challenger Atlanta – December 15-17